St. Augustine

  • Past FCCW Presidents

    1979-1981  Gladys White (deceased)
    1985-1987  June Sayers (deceased)
    1989-1991 Dolores Hankins 
    2003-2005 Janie Southerland 
    2017-2019 Jean Bazley 
  • News

    • February 15
      Help us paint a picture of the goodness in this world - and yes, there is still goodness despite what we see, hear and read on social media and in the news! Beginning in February and continuing through May 2021, we'd like to count Random Acts of Kindness. At the Convention in May, we'll share the results of this project. With God's abundant grace, we'll be overloaded with responses! Click for more information and link to St. Augustine web site and kindness counter.
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