Immigration Issues

Prayer for Immigrants

"I was an alien and you welcome me" Mathew 26

My dear priests and sisters, as you know immigration is one of the most difficult issues that we all face specially at the present time. The solutions suggested by our Catholic bishops are not accepted by our government due to harsh in place laws. For years we had in place immigration laws that are confusing and unjust for the poor and scare alien that knock at our doors. Since 1891, when the Congress created the Bureau of Immigration until recent years, different departments had created laws to defend our borders and the results are more oppression and very poor services to the immigrants and refugees that comes to our borders. The quotas were reduced, and families were separated. This year, responding to the outcry of the public, the Administration decided to detain families together.

Our Bishops under their own USCCB organization have called for reunification of families. They stressed the urgent need to do something to help the migrant children. If you live in this Planet, one way or the other, you saw those breaking heart faces on TV, radio news, newspapers, websites and social media. For just a short time all hearts were united and outrage of our situation. One strike on our side, but what happen after this? Politics took front stage and no more progress for all this families that their only sin is been poor and displace. Any similarity with our Holy family? Think, go to your bible and please see immigration as a biblical perspective and pray with heart and soul for them.

The Church would not like to dictate to us the policies to be adopted with this huge social problem. She, instead, calls us to consider this situation with justice and compassion. These people have a right to save their lives and to seek a better future for themselves and their families. We can't say like Cain: "I am not my brother's keeper". The Church is not advocating for having an open door policy, neither pay attention to security against our citizens but we beg to adopt a compassionate way to respond to this situation.

Brothers and Sisters, we are the people of Jesus Christ, and as Christians, we are called to speak out the language of justice that He proclaimed here on Earth. We are recognized as loving people, then let's show that Love and Compassion for our own sake and them.

Iris, Myrna and Fr. Miguel - Immigration Issues Committee