Hugs for the Homeless

Hugs for the Homeless Report as of the end of 2016/17

Submitted June, 2017 by Rosi Schuhmacher, Hugs for the Homeless Chair.

It is with great JOY and a little sadness to report the following final figures for this year’s Hugs of the Homeless Collection.  The JOY is the fact that we collected the highest amount ever!  The sadness is only mine, as my goal was $50,000 and if I had known, I would have donated the $157.00 myself!   But as the old Brooklyn Dodges would say “there’s always next year!” 

Most dioceses went up and only 2 went down a little but the MVP award must be given to Venice who not only doubled their last year’s figures but beat their highest by $3,000.  

As a province this yearly event has grown and my only hope is that it is advertised well in all your affiliations and becomes recognized as our Big State Project.

Below are totals for the past 4 years for your info.  ALL should be congratulated for your efforts on behalf of the homeless in Florida.

                             2014                       2015                2016                2017

Miami                  $4,255                    $2,925             $5,294             $7,808

Orlando               $10,072                  $8,356             $4,090             $7,778

Palm Beach         $7.373                    $5,951             $11,696           $10,418

Pen/Tal                $7,289                    $5,930             $7,456             $7,905

St. Augustine      $1,812                    $4,291             $2,892             $3,832

St. Petersburg     $4,543                    $2,882             $6,294             $4,660

Venice                  $3,788                    $4,354             $3,512             $7,442

Total                    $39,133                  $35,689           $41,233           $49,843