Hugs for the Homeless

 February, 2018   

We are in the home stretch of this year’s collection for the Homeless.  Although we have done this project for a few years, there seems to be some confusion as to how affiliations submit the money that they collect.

 I have had contact from a few affiliations about idea for fundraising and the procedure for submitting monies.  Of course most of these questions just occurred in past 2 weeks.

 I am not sure why this was never done before, but when this project is over I plan to sit and put in writing the “How, When & Why for the Hugs Project.” 

Once again, I ask that each diocese consider appointing a “Hugs Chair” to oversee the progress during the year.

 As always, I am available for questions and I thank all the ladies for all their efforts on behalf of the homeless in our state.

 Rosi Schuhmacher,

Hugs for the Homeless Chair.